Terracotta Tiles Service

Terracotta tiles are made from natural clay. Terracotta tiles vary hugely in colour range, density and porosity. Terracotta is often softer and more porous than many other tiles. Terracotta can be laid natural and sealed, or is also often treated with a coating sealer (topical polish or barrier coating).

We at Anytime Carpet Cleaning understand the importance of taking care of your terracotta tile floor. Our customers can count on the expertise, professionalism and experience of our staff while doing your terracotta tile maintenance. Our terracotta cleaning regime is designed to keep a good-condition surface maintained. Anytime Carpet Cleaning treatments are able to professionally clean the surface and remove bad stains .

Most of the terracotta tiles act like sponge when it comes to absorbing water. They may require the application of different types of sealers or coatings to maintain their condition. Otherwise they may crumble and wear quickly. Ideally terracotta tiles are suited for low use areas and should not be cleaned at high pressure. We at Anytime Carpet Cleaning understand all the different nuances of terracotta tile cleaning.

We at Anytime Carpet Cleaning can offer the most comprehensive tile sealing solutions. We will remove the existing floor finish and treat any stains or marks that have occurred. After the terracotta is returned to its natural state we allow sufficient time for drying and then apply special seals to the floor tiles leaving your tiles looking pristine. In some cases we may need to remove your existing coatings and apply new coatings. Our technicians can look at your floor and offer you the best and most cost effective solution.

Terracotta Tile Cleaning Service